Three-year-old girl injured in head-on plastic chair

Bottom with plastic chair
Injured child

Rockhouse : A three-year-old girl was injured in a beating by her father at Chenkavila on the state border. The child was injured when he was hit on the head with a plastic chair. The woman came to the scene with a complaint that her husband was constantly beating her and her daughter, demanding money. Chinchu, 28, of Shijin Bhavan, a lonely house near Karot Ayira School, had approached the police with a complaint that her husband Vijukumar had been abusing her for two years.

Vijukumar, who arrived at the liquor store on Monday evening, allegedly beat himself up and then grabbed a plastic chair and hit his three-year-old daughter Anmaria on the head. Vijukumar grabbed Chinchu’s head and hit the wall continuously. Vijukumar saw blood coming from Anamaria’s head under the plastic chair and went outside. Chinchu went to Parassala Taluk Hospital with the child and sought treatment.

Chinchu then lodged a complaint at the Kulachal Women’s Police Station alleging that her husband had been beating her for two years.

The harassment continued after he sold gold given to him for marriage and got drunk and demanded more money.

Chinchu’s parents were also barred from visiting her husband’s house in Adakkakuzhi, Tamil Nadu. The water was collected from the wells of the neighboring houses as they were not even allowed to take drinking water from the well in the husband’s house. Chinchu and his parents lodged complaints at the Kollengode police station and Kulachal women’s station but no action was taken.

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