Threats and temptations; Francis’ son overthrows | Kerala | Deshabhimani

KPCC President K Sudhakaran said that he was the one who used a knife to carry out violence against KSU at Brennan College, Thalassery. Joby had threatened to take legal action against Sudhakaran for portraying his father as an assailant. Subsequently, he held discussions with Sudhakaran on Sunday and changed his stand.

Sudhakaran told a news conference that Pinarayi was trampled by Francis, beaten with a microphone and stabbed. Following this, Joby Francis said that legal action would be taken against Sudhakaran. Joby and his mother Marykutty had voluntarily revealed that Sudhakaran’s revelation was a blatant lie. Then, Joby’s uncle approached them with threats. Local Congress leader of Changaroth panchayath. The pressure from Congress leaders on Changarote continued till Sunday evening. The question to Joby was whether you grew up just playing with KPCC president Sudhakaran.

Joby, who is also in charge of the Traders and Industrialists Coordinating Committee, was tempted to change his stance by threatening to affect his business and life. Then he went with them to Joby Sudhakaran’s house in Natal, Kannur and made a statement on behalf of Sudhakaran. The discussion lasted for an hour at Sudhakaran’s brother’s house. After that, in front of the media, Joby told Sudhakaran that he was like a father.

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