Lena and Nimisha Sajayan are actresses who have won the hearts of the Malayalee audience with their talent. Pictures and videos of the two traveling to Europe together are now catching the attention of social media. The two are celebrating their holidays in the UK playing in the snow and taking pictures and videos of each other.

Lena is one of the few bold heroines in Malayalam. Lena, who came through Jayaraj’s ‘Sneham’, has now become an integral part of Malayalam cinema. Lena is one of the rare Malayalee actresses who can reflect the role of any age in a very natural way.

He is a star who has proved his talent with countless films. Moment also won the State Award for Best Actress for her performance in The Infamous Boy and Chola.

Born and raised in Mumbai, he excelled in the arts and martial arts at an early age. While in eighth grade, he also won a black belt in taekwondo, a Korean martial art. While pursuing her degree in Mass Communication, she took a break from acting training in Kochi and got the opportunity to act in the film ‘Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum’.

Rajeev Ravi’s ‘Port’ starring Nivin Pauly and ‘The Great Indian Kitchen’ directed by Geo Baby and starring Suraj Venjaramoodu are the upcoming films.

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