There is no other way forward; Afghan people take up arms to fight the Taliban

Kabul; The Afghan people have warned that they will take up arms against the Taliban as US troops prepare to return to their homeland from Afghan soil.

Earlier, there were reports that the Taliban were targeting those who had helped the United States. After that, the Afghan people came forward and made it clear that they would resist by any means.

“If they riot, torture us and attack property and women, even our seven-year-old children will be armed and will stand against them,” said Dost Muhammad Salangi, one of hundreds of former Mujahideen fighters who were forced to take up arms to fight the Taliban insurgency.

‘We have to protect our country. If foreign forces leave, there is no other way, ”said Fareed Mohammad. The main weapons used by the Afghans to fight the Taliban are old rifles, pistols and grenade launchers.

Afghans who want to take up arms against the Taliban are joining the local military. But some political observers warn of the possibility of civil war as more political groups take up arms.

The UN envoy to Afghanistan said the Taliban had captured more than 50 of the 370 districts and that the country was becoming more unstable as foreign military support ended.

It is reported that the last American soldier will return from Bagram Airfield in a few days. International media reported that US officials had said they would withdraw the last U.S. troops by July 4.