The vaccine was given to the Prime Minister by Niveda and Rosamma from Thodupuzha Sister P Niveda | from Puducherry

New Delhi: Puducherry native Niveda has given the vaccine to the Prime Minister. Rosamma Anil, a Malayalee nurse from Thodupuzha, was with the team that gave the vaccine.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi received the Kovid vaccine from the Delhi AIIMS at 7 am on Monday. The Prime Minister left the hospital after receiving the vaccine and was under observation for half an hour.

Niveda has been working as a nurse at AIIMS for three years. ‘I learned in the morning that the Prime Minister was coming to receive the vaccine. I am very happy to be able to see and talk to the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister asked where we were from. He said hello ‘. Niveda added that the Prime Minister had said that he did not even feel any pain after the injection. Rosamma, a Malayalee, said that it was a surprise that the Prime Minister was coming to receive the vaccine.

Modi received the vaccine as part of the launch of the second phase of the Kovid vaccine in the country. The vaccine will be available to people over 60 years of age and those over 45 years of age.

Modi took to Twitter after receiving the vaccine to urge everyone who qualifies to be vaccinated. ‘Covid received the first dose of wax from AIIMS. It is noteworthy that our doctors and scientists have acted swiftly to strengthen the global fight against Kovid. Everyone who qualifies is requested to receive the vaccine. Together we can make India Kovid free ‘Modi tweeted.

Content Highlights: Sister P Niveda, from Puducherry, administered COVAXIN (Bharat BioTech) to PM Modi