The turn of the Army and Air Force is over; Is the Indian Navy preparing for the next surgical strike?

Pakistan has repeatedly recognized India’s strength. During the Modi government, India twice carried out surgical strikes on Pakistani soil to punish Pakistani terrorists.

Every lightning strike issued by India was a warning that no one is allowed to enter Indian soil illegally. As a result, the Imran government’s outcry that India is preparing for another surgical strike against them.

But when asked if there was any truth in it, the national media got some clues. The clues are hidden in a statement made by the Indian Defense Minister yesterday. He said, without naming Pakistan, that India has the capability to detect and destroy terrorist targets across the border if necessary.

But if India conducts another surgical strike, it will not be the Indian Army or the Air Force that will play a crucial role, but the next round will be the Navy. There are a few reasons for that. India has carried out two successful surgical strikes in Pakistan over the past decade.

The parachute commanders of the Indian Army crossed the border in response to the September 18, 2016 attack by Pakistani terrorists on an Indian military base in Uri, Kashmir. The Indian government has tasked the Air Force to respond to the terrorist attack on Pulwama more than three years ago. On the morning of February 26, 2019, Indian warplanes crossed the border and bombed major terrorist training camps in Balakot.

The Indian Navy will surely qualify for the next surgical strike if the provocations of the Pakistan Army cross the border and inflict unforgivable injuries on India. The Indian Navy’s MiG-29 aircraft have been moved closer to Ladakh in view of the conflict.