The Tomorrow War movie review: Chris Pratt’s biggest villain is his absurd script

The Cast of Tomorrow’s War: Chris Pratt, Yvonne Strahovski, JK Simmons, Betty Gilpin, Sam Richardson, Edwin Hodge
The director of the war of tomorrow: Chris McKay
The classification of the war of tomorrow: 1 star

It is 2022. Dan Forester (played by Chris Pratt), an Iraq war veteran and biology professor, watches the FIFA World Cup with his family as they witness the hole in the hole materialize. worm right in the middle of the field on TV. Several people claim to be from 2051, where humanity is on the verge of extinction due to an alien invasion, and are asking for reinforcements.

Governments around the world send their troops into the future in response and learn that the survival rate is 20 percent, which leads to compulsory conscription, as people clearly prefer not to barge in in the midst of an invasion of the world. clever aliens. Forester is enlisted and leaves behind a tearful wife and daughter.

If this premise sounds familiar to you, you are not mistaken. The war of tomorrow was inspired, for lack of a better word, by the “inspiration” of frankly much better films. The obvious source of “inspiration” is Edge of Tomorrow by Doug Liman. But there are also echoes of Independence Day in the international response to the alien threat and Alien in the design of aliens, and so on.

It’s like an algorithm wrote this movie.

Miami after an alien invasion in The Tomorrow War. (Photo: Amazon Studios)

But this is not the end of tomorrow’s war. That blame rests on a ridiculous plot and uneven characterization that spoils all the fun the story offers. Strange things keep happening and you’re supposed to take it all at face value. If this was a dumb, self-aware action movie like, say, the recent Mortal Kombat, the silliness would be more acceptable. Here the script wants you to take every stupid thing seriously.

The War of Tomorrow doesn’t work like an escape movie, either. Anytime there’s a setting that you lightly enjoy, something happens that ruins your immersion, whether it’s an absurd sacrifice of a character or a line of dialogue that seems out of place in that. particular situation.

Much of the action, admittedly, would have looked impressive on the big screen with sound effects. On a TV, it was fine.

The design of the aliens is a really impressive thing in The Tomorrow War. They look like almost unstoppable killing machines with more tentacles that can be manipulated by humans. But even that sense of dread is minimized by the inconsistency – at first, no one can figure out how to kill the growls, and at the end, they are dispatched with relative ease. This movie clearly thinks he’s a lot smarter than he actually is.

Tomorrow’s War would have been a decent actor, but the script is too poor to even make him a stupid summer artist.