The time of the evil god has come in the official ‘Loki’ trailer

We protect the right flow of time.

Loki’s time has come. Watch the All-New Marvel Studios Original Series Trailer Loki, premiering on Disney + this June 11.

In the trailer, Loki – the imperious god of evil – who, after running away with the Tesseract, is a fish out of water when he lands in a world of trouble with the bureaucratic Time Variance Authority (TVA). ). Loki diminishes the existence of TVA by stating that “The Time Keepers built the whole circus, and I see the clowns playing their roles to perfection.” In his exchange with Mobius M. Mobius of VAT, he reminds them not only that he sounds smart he is clever.

Mobius tells Loki that when he got the Tesseract back he broke reality and now TVA needs his help to fix it. Why him? They “need his unique perspective of Loki.” Although he has stabbed people in the back over 50 times, he assures Mobius that he can be trusted.

Loki features the God of Evil as he emerges from his brother’s shadow in a new series set after the events of Avengers: Endgame. Tom hiddleston returns as title character, joined by Owen Wilson, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Sophia di martino, Wunmi mosaku and Richard E. Grant. Kate herron directed Loki, and Michael waldron is the editor.

Marvel Studios’ Loki debuts on Disney + on June 11.

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