The super viral Swiss fan got a free ticket to Russia to watch the quarter finals Viral Swiss Super-Fan Receives Free Business Class Flights For Euro 2020 Quarter-Final With Spain

PARIS: The people of Switzerland will never forget the eye-popping battle that gave world champions France a return ticket in the Euros. The game was one of the most exciting battles in the Euros, with nine goals left in the final nine minutes, two rebounds in the final death knell and a return to the final in extra time. It didn’t take long for one of the Swiss fans who watched the game to go viral on social media. He was eventually found by a group of Swiss fans. The ‘spot’ was Luke Lawtonbach. One person’s reaction was that Luke was exhausted from not having a granite shaka on the field.

With Luke on the sidelines, Switzerland will no longer have to deal with the fact that they will be taking a fan to Russia with a business class ticket for the quarter-finals. Tickets are sponsored by Swiss Air. The government also plans to use Luke to activate the Kovid vaccination campaign if he returns after the game.

More interestingly, Luke was unaware of the mobile phone’s range when the stage was broken by many things around him in the outside world. After knowing everything, the mind wonders what more is needed to be happy.