The spot of love that surrounds me; Says Chackochan

“Suddenly it caught my eye in the eyes of a child. I still remember, Priya put a snake-style spot that day. I didn’t know it was a snake around me,” Kunchacko Boban shared his romantic memories.

Chackochan alias Kunchacko Boban is the favorite family hero of Malayalees. The actor who came through ‘Aniyathipraavi’ and won the hearts of the Malayalees and has been the chocolate hero of the campuses for a long time. But it was the girl named Samuel Ann who stole the hearts of the chocolate hero who won the hearts of thousands of fans. The actor now remembers the days when he first met his girlfriend who has been with him for the last 22 years.

“It was a fan girl moment. I was staying at the Pankaj Hotel in Thiruvananthapuram while filming ‘Nakshatratharat’. There were no selfie or phone shows like this back then. He came to see the pillar at Mar Ivanios College and called from the reception asking for an autograph. When I got to the reception there were a few pretty girls standing there. Everyone was given autographs. Suddenly, one of the eyes in it caught my eye. I still remember when Priya put a snake-style spot on it. I didn’t know it was a snake around me (laughs). ”

“Then Priya got my mobile phone number. Producer Gandhimati is a friend of Priya, the daughter of Balan. My number is from where she organized. Gradually it became a friendship. Priya’s family was scared at first, wondering if it was an event to be told because she was a filmmaker. At that time, Priya was just studying for her pre-degree and was a small child. I never gave up time to love anyone else. Priya wanted to study engineering and it took time. I waited until I finished my studies, that’s how marriage happens, ”says Chackochan.

Chackochan shared his experiences of romantic adventures and letter writing. “It was not a digital camera then, it was a film camera. The photo could not be developed here. When I go to shoot in Chennai, they take me to a studio where little is known and develop prints. ”

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Kunchacko Boban and Priya got married in 2005. The two also celebrated the 15th anniversary of their unification during this quarantine period. Chackochan shared a heartfelt note on his wedding anniversary.

“I have been in love with Quarantine for the last 15 years and I love it. We have known each other for 22 years and you are one of the best things that has ever happened in my life. Before we meet you, I sang your name in the first song of my first film… Let’s move forward hand in hand accepting all the pros and cons of each other. This special day is a little more special this time, we have given each other the best gift of our lives “Isaac”.

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“You are a good daughter to your parents, a good sister to your cousins, a good friend to many, including me, a romantic lover and wife to me, a good daughter to my family and a great mother to Isaac.”
My Valentine’s Day is full of love, hugs and kisses during this quarantine. ” Kunchacko Boban said in the post that this is the first cake baked for his wife.

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Quarantined with Love for the past 15 years & Loving it !!! Knowing each other for 22years, you are one of the best things to happen in my life. Little did I know that I would be humming the name of my Lady in my very first movie song, even before meeting you. Accepting all the pros and cons of each other and moving forward Hand in Hand. And on this special day, it’s a bit more special as we give each other the best gift of our life… IZAHAAK You have been a good DAUGHTER to your parents, a friendly SISTER to your cousins, a Great FRIEND to many including me, a romantic LOVER (only to ME), an adipoli WIFE (again to ME), a wonderful Daughter / Sis-in-law to my family… ..And now be a Kickass AMMA to my Son !!! … ..All Love, Hugs & Kisses to My VALENTINE during this QUARANTINE… .. ”O PRIYAE” Nb: please excuse the look of the cake.First time in my life I baked a for my Wifey #bakermanKunchacko

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Isaac will return to the life of the Kunchacko-beloved couple in 2019 after a long wait of 14 years. The life of Kunchacko Boban and Priya now revolves around the late Kanmani. If you look at one of Chackochan’s Instagram pages, you will see that it is true. Chackochan’s greatest joys are the small moments he shares with his son Isaac Kunchacko.

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