‘The smuggled gold will be divided into three; A role for the party ‘; Audio recording of the CPM being cut

Kannur: The audio recording of the TP case accused in the gold smuggling quotation team has been released. WhatsApp audio has come out which thinks that the planner is talking to the gold smuggling carrier. According to the audio recording, Kodi Suni and Shafi are guarding the group that snatches the gold brought by the carrier.

The audio is in such a way as to tell the person who handed over the gold smuggling details of the gold smuggling going on through Kannur Kozhikode Airport. Kodi Suni and Mohammad Shafi, the main accused in the TP Chandrasekharan case, and Jijo Thillankeri and Rajesh Thillankeri are said to be involved in the gold smuggling. The gold brought in will be shared among the three. It is said that they have a part in it.

TP case accused Shafi will provide protection to the carrier. Kodi Suni will call if the owner of the stolen gold later causes trouble. Kodi Suni controls all these matters from jail. The audio says that the owner of the gold will withdraw when the group threatens. No information is available about who sent the audio or who received the audio. It is a headache for the leadership that the party is in crisis and the audio is constantly coming out.