The size of a woman’s skin is more than the size of a male ‘- Harish Peradi | Harish Peradi Against Unni Mukundan

Harish indirectly criticizes actor Unni Mukundan’s ‘Valiyapottu’ remark. Spots are always big signs of feminist politics. Harish also wrote on Facebook that the size of a female’s pussy is more likely to make a male pout shudder.

Unni Mukundan shared a post praising SI Annie Siva. Unni Mukundan’s post was that women’s empowerment is possible through dreams and not through big bangs. This was controversial.

Harish Peradi’s Facebook post

How many, how many big spots on this forehead, thick, long, round, forked and short, and so on. How many mother goddesses. My dad never came to my mind when the makeup artist broke. Varad is always the mother. Due to this, even after the death of his father, he used to force his mother to wear a scarf on her head. It’s not about remembering Dad. Nor is faith in the wedding cake. On the other hand, if my mother, whose husband had died, broke down, who would ask?

The explosion of a twenty-year-old chicken that day. I still believe that such explosions are the real politics. ‘Spots’ are always big signs of feminist politics. The size of the female’s pussy is more likely to make the male potties tremble. Legs stretched still seem to be male-only body language. But it’s another fact that all the deaf start to see this earth when a woman stretches her legs with a lot of pain in the largest size .. in memory of those big spots