The shape of the delta continues to change; World Health Organization

Delta variant is dangerous

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Geneva: The World Health Organization (WHO) says the Delta variant of Kovid, which has the potential to be more widespread, is being reshaped. “The world is going through a dangerous period,” said WHO Director-General Tedros Adenam Gebreysus.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that hospitals lagging behind in vaccination could once again be overcrowded.

Rapidly becoming the main variant of the Delta Covid. It is undergoing changes again. “The world is going through a dangerous time of epidemic,” he said.

No country can be said to be free from this threat. So far, Delta variants have been found in 98 countries. It is spreading rapidly. Its prevalence is highest in countries lagging behind in vaccination.

The way to avoid a new wave is to continue the practice of monitoring, testing, early detection of disease, isolation and treatment. The WHO chief said it was important to wear masks, maintain social distance, avoid crowds and ensure ventilation inside buildings.