The officers in question were hacked and injured, police said

Thiruvananthapuram: Two officers of the AG’s office were hacked to death by a mob while going for a walk with their family at night. Two North Indians were hacked to death. The violence against the officers came when they questioned the abduction of their wives who were with them. The incident took place in Pettah last night.

Ravi Yadav, a senior accountant at the AG’s office, and Jagat Singh, a data operator, were among the victims. The incident took place around 9 pm. The attackers arrived in a two-wheeler and were passing by their wives. Officials say he also had sharp weapons in his hand.

He also threatened to kill the children. The victim was rushed to hospital by police. Officials say they threatened her when she got home. The case was registered on their complaint and an investigation was started. Police said they had received a tip about the culprits.