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In the event that you have been asked to select the most important players in the VPN company, you can provide yourself with names similar to ExpressVPN, NordVPN or Surfshark.

However, information shared only with TechRadar Professional totally paints a separate image. Online with the firm App Intelligence 42issues, relating to Android VPN suppliers, these famous suppliers cannot be found.

In February, an app called VPN Grasp was the preferred VPN service on retailer Google Play, downloaded by more than 7 million people throughout the month. In second place, Pace VPN Professional with 6.7 million downloads, adopted by Free VPN Tomato with 6.2 million.

A standard theme quickly turns into a no-brainer: All the most popular VPN apps are free. Of the 15 most downloaded Android VPNs in the past month, none are paid providers.

Are Free VPNs Too Good To Be True?

Although Free VPN Providing a quick (and clearly cost-effective) approach to hiding your search exercise from your ISP, there are a selection of downsides to consider. Regardless, there is no such factor as a free dinner.

Unlike premium providers, free VPNs often only provide a limited variety of servers in a small set of areas, and the apps themselves are hardly ever feature rich. Get speeds are also more likely to be much slower, implying that streaming geo-restricted VOD content (one of the many most important causes for customers looking for a VPN) could also be out of the office right off the bat.

Confidentiality of information is perhaps an important consideration. While many free VPNs have in-depth no-logging insurance policies, you can’t be sure the provider lives up to their guarantees except that a third-party audit has taken place.

Without an unbiased claim, the company that uses the free VPN service could potentially accumulate all methods of knowledge, as well as websites visited, connection timestamps, bandwidth usage, and even genuine IP processing.

For anyone using a VPN to avoid government-mandated web censorship, the potential that this type of data could possibly be held by the provider must be a serious concern.

In July 2020, for example, it was found that seven separate Hong Kong-based VPN providers had been collection of consumer information, regardless of all claiming not to collect any consumer logs. A few terabytes of this information were discovered online using an unprotected database.

Finally, running a VPN service won’t come cheap, so the for-profit company that uses your free VPN service is more likely to make a living in one way or another.

The numbers below symbolize the variety of downloads of each VPN software through retailer Google Play in February 2021.

  1. Grasp VPN – 7.0 million
  2. Pace VPN Professional – 6.7 million
  3. Free Tomato VPN – 6.2 million
  4. Turbo VPN – four, four million
  5. Lion VPN – three, 6 million
  6. NetCapsule VPN – 3.5 million
  7. FreeVPN SecVPN – three, three million
  8. Booster Grasp – 2.9 million
  9. Free VPN Key – 2.9 million
  10. Turbo VPN Lite – 2.8 million

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