The more India is allowed to escape, the more toothless the ICC will look: Michael Vaughan | Cricket News

LONDON: former England captain Michael vaughan Friday said that the more India was allowed to “get away with” producing pitches that are not deemed good enough for test cricket, the greater the ICC will take a look.
England suffered an embarrassing 10-wicket defeat on Thursday in the third test against India on a spin-friendly Motera track, dropping 1-2 in the four-game series.

The game ended in two days with the pitch drawing criticism from former players like Vaughan, albeit the batting legend. Sunil Gavaskar credited the Indian spinners rather than blaming the surface.
“The more powerful countries like India are allowed to get away with it, the more toothless the ICC will appear,” Vaughan wrote in the Daily Telegraph.
“The governing body allows India to produce whatever it wants and it is Test cricket that is injured,” he said, expressing his dissatisfaction with the BCCI.

Vaughan, who ruled England from 2003 to 2008, said broadcasters asking for refunds if a game ends too early could help turn things around.
“The broadcasters might have to ask for refunds for things to change. They agree to end the test early because the players aren’t good enough, but not when the local tables are producing such poor pitches.
“They are left with three blank days, but still have to pay for the production. They won’t be happy and might think twice about the money for the testing rights,” Vaughan said.

He called India’s victory a “shallow victory” but admitted the home side are much better equipped to cope with the conditions.
“India won the third Test but it was a shallow victory. In fact, there was no winner at all in this match,” Vaughan began in his column with these words.
He added: “Yet India has shown its talent. We are not fair if we do not accept that their level of competence under these conditions is much better than that of England.
“But the good of the game needs to be looked at and as former players it is our duty to say so.”

Vaughan said the pitches from the last two tests let players down.
“We have to be fair and recognize that these players are fighting for their careers and that over the past two weeks they have been disappointed with surfaces.
“How can you say that 250 is a normal score in the first set in a test match and claim that the pitch is good enough.
“Trial cricket is not about accepting that you need a little fortune as a batsman to score runs in the first innings.”
“… If you have a World test championship you must deduct points to produce surfaces which are not considered good enough for test cricket.
“But it’s also a real concern for the game that we’ve seen India respond to a 1-0 drop by producing fields that spin amazingly from the first ball and which they know very well will only last. two or three days, ”Vaughan said.
He also blamed England’s rotation policy and said they deserved to be in the position they are in now.
“The contempt they showed by sending Jonny Bairstow to his house to walk his dogs for two weeks, then go back and beat Ravi Ashwin three-way bites them on the back.”