The lawyer said that the police were deliberately trying to trap Kiran in a fake case

Kollam: The hearing of the bail plea of ​​Kiran, the accused in the case related to the mysterious death following the dowry torture of Vismaya, has been postponed to five this month. Kiran’s lawyer argued that the police were deliberately trying to frame Kiran.

Kiran Kumar is a well-known official. He has not been charged in any case so far. There have been many similar suicides following the surprise but the police have not shown so much zeal. In this case, the police are overreacting. Kiran’s lawyer told the court that the dowry could only be charged under section 498A.

However, Assistant Public Prosecutor Kavyanayar opposed Alur’s claim. They argued that death by dowry torture (304b) alone was not an offense and that many other provisions would have to be imposed as the death was a mystery.

He was taken into custody but the investigation could not be completed as the accused was suffering from corona. As the disease progresses, the accused has to be taken into custody and evidence has to be taken. Kavyanayar also argued that bail should not be granted. After hearing the arguments, Magistrate A. Hashim ordered that the case be adjourned to five.