The larger the size of the female’s spot, the more likely it is that the male’s spot will be white; Harish Peradi

Social media post by Harish Peradi

Fat, long, round, crooked, short, and so on, so many, so many big spots lying on my forehead … how many drops for my mother gods … my makeup artist never comes to my mind when I touch them … my mother always comes..because after my father dies I used to force my mother to wear a crimson scarf on her head … it was not to remember my was not to have faith in the mangalya … but to ask if my mother, whose husband had died, would burst into tears? .. that day. Believe it or not … “spots” are always big signs of feminist politics … The size of a woman’s spot is more and more deaf to men … It’s like the spread of legs is still considered to be the only body language for men … But when a woman stretches her legs with a lot of pain at the largest size It’s another fact that the deaf and dumb are starting to see this earth .. Remember those big dots …