The first child was born with the Kovid antibody 18Mar2021

New York: The first child was born immunized by the mother who received the Kovid vaccine. The baby girl was born in Florida, USA. The mother received her first dose of modena wax when she was nine months pregnant. The baby was born three weeks later. A blood test on a perfectly healthy baby found that an antibody against Kovid had been formed. This is the first confirmed case of immunodeficiency in a vaccinated mother.

Paul Gilbert and Chad Rudnick, researchers at the University of Atlantic in Florida, wrote a report on the baby born with the antibody on the MedArxive portal. The report says more research is needed.

Meanwhile, the mother received a second dose of wax after the baby was born. So far, it has been found that the immune system is less likely to transmit immunity from the mother to the baby.