The death toll has crossed 700, wildfires are spreading, houses and roads are melting

Ottawa: The death toll from the Canadian heat wave is rising. So far, 719 people have died in the heat wave. This is the weekly death toll in Vancouver, British Columbia. Experts say this is the first time in a thousand years that the region has been hit by such intense heat.

The roofs of houses and even roads are reported to be melting in the heat. Until last week, the temperature was below 45 degrees Celsius. However, the temperature continued to rise to 49 degrees Celsius this week. This is a record temperature. The northwestern U.S. is also experiencing extreme heat.

Large-scale fires are also reported in hot areas. 130 fire incidents were reported last day. The village of Lytton in British Columbia was completely destroyed by fire. Two deaths have been confirmed here. More than a thousand people were evacuated.

Refrigeration centers have been opened in many places to combat the heat. Schools and vaccine distribution centers in the area were temporarily closed. There are also concerns that the heat could spread to other parts of the country. Authorities advised people to be vigilant and take necessary precautions. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has called an emergency meeting to discuss the issue as the country fears.