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Dissatisfaction with the central leadership in the present leadership

Must be a person who is acceptable at all levels

Kozhikode: The state BJP The loosening of leadership may happen too soon. “The central leadership has in principle decided to change the state leadership. The central leadership has made it clear that a decision will be taken at that moment if a person acceptable to the presidency at all levels can be found, ”a senior BJP leader close to the central leadership told

“The central leadership is dissatisfied with the current leadership. But when a replacement is brought in, the central leadership must ensure that the leader is someone who can bring all sections together. The All India leadership is looking for someone with personal influence who can lead the party in Kerala in the next Lok Sabha and Assembly elections. The all-India leadership believes that someone like Congress leader Shashi Tharoor should lead the BJP in Kerala. Once such a person is found, the change of leadership will not be delayed, ”said a senior leader, who did not want to be named.

The BJP has claimed that there was a significant leakage of gold votes in the recent assembly elections. In the election analysis reports received by the All India leadership. In Kerala, the BJP has not been able to attract minority votes. It is known that Kerala is not like other states and the election analysis submitted directly to Prime Minister Narendra Modi has pointed out that if the party is not able to unite at least the Christian community in Kerala, it will not be able to win the elections.

The All India leadership has come to the conclusion that a person who is acceptable to all sections at the same time should become the State President of the party on the basis of various reports received from Kerala.

The BJP State President K. The BJP claimed that the central leadership had given internal support to Surendran in the recent assembly elections. Circles point. Surendran had great freedom in selecting candidates. It was also unusual for Surendran to be allowed to contest in two constituencies.

Despite such overwhelming support, the central leadership is known to be of the view that Surendran cannot escape responsibility for the party’s failure to make gains in Kerala. The only indication is that Surendran is still the president because he did not get a replacement.

In the meantime, the All India leadership was planning to bring in someone from outside the party. Former IAS Officer A.K. Sharma ousted by BJP in Uttar Pradesh It was a move to bring in a party-led professional in Kerala as well as the Vice President. But e. The defeat of Sreedharan and Jacob Thomas in the Assembly elections is known to have changed the mindset of the central leadership. E. in dealing with political issues. The central leadership is also of the view that Sreedharan did not succeed.

RSS R. who was the editor of the organizer of the face publication. There are indications that the central leadership is considering Balashankar’s name for the presidency. NSS also targets Christian denominations. – SNDP The central leadership has also taken into account Balashankar’s closeness to organizations. But when Balashankar came, V. Muraleedharan – K. The Surendran faction has strong opposition.

The Muraleedhara-Surendra faction is of the view that Balashankar should not come even if someone from the opposite group comes. The BJP, which joined last week, No one raised the demand for a change of leadership at the state committee meeting. A leader who attended the meeting said that this proves that the Krishnadas faction also agrees with the Surendra faction’s stand that no one should be an outsider.

The final decision will be taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah. The BJP will be responsible for implementing that decision. All India President J.P. According to party sources, Nadda is in the running.

During a recent trip to Delhi, K. According to sources, Surendran was not able to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi. “The central leadership understands that the party ranks have a trust deficit with the current leadership. Therefore, loosening is inevitable. We only know when that will happen. ”

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