The biggest scientific news of 2020

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Photo: Ricardo Arduengo / AFP (Getty Images)

Year in reviewYear in reviewWe look back on the best, worst and highlight moments of the year and look forward to next year.

[Yelling into a cavernous chamber as supernovae explode in the dark and a gust of hot wind comes whistling through] SCIENCE!!!!

This, my friends, is how you present an end-of-year science list. Like everything else in 2020, science has had a hell of a year. There have been thrilling highs, like the record rate of coronavirus vaccine creation and our closest examination to the Sun’s surface, but there have also been frightening lows, like the virus toll, the worsening of the climate crisis and the tragic collapse of the emblematic dish of the Arecibo Observatory.

We have collected the most important science stories of the year. They present the best researchers that have been offered to us, the losses we have suffered, and the cautionary tales if science is not heeded.