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Nine years ago it was time for us to end our vacation in Riyadh. . Come and see me in a month. He then got four passports and told the airport. Calling from to office. That’s when I found out about the loss of my passport. When you go to the airport and buy a passport, go to the airport with it. The e-mail copy and mobile number of the person who wrote the letter have been pinned. And FIG. We got acquainted by calling that number. Perzabir works as a porter at the airport. Homeland. It is a short distance from Bihar to Nepal. We told him we wanted to see one.

The next day we went to see the airport. I was thankful for seeing him in person and he was giving me something. The purpose of. Arrive at the airport and see us before you get acquainted What took us by surprise was the coffee show there. To p. Kids with coffee and sandwiches when they arrive at the coffee shop I also ordered an eye scree. He said he did not want anything and did not agree. Assume that what is being accepted when compelled is not true. കരിച്ചു. How much does a cup of coffee cost at the airport? Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present and future generations. Even though. But the good man did not buy it … he was forced to Bought.

If the passport holder is not present at the airport. How difficult was it for us to get a plywood passport? It was a joke. There was a lot of shit that day with those four passports. But not done. That ‘s good. Later we were spotted on our way to the airport. We do not always have the wherewithal to pay.

The salary of a porter is 700 riyals. The cost of the EV is deducted from it and sent to the country. The beginning does not say anything. Sabir says I’m happy to have a car at home because I’ve been working. That’s the decent thing to do, and it should end there. We’m not going to get seven, we’m not going to get enough … yet The rest of the verses and precepts will remain the same.

The first mock contact was made. Then the phone is off. When I asked someone at the airport, he said he was new. Riley said. Working on a meager salary does not mean you have to spend more money. This world will not be destroyed by the presence of such good human beings. That’s how it goes. The only prayer is that there will be only good for Sabir and his family.

Nasir Rafiq (Riyadh)

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