The amnesty in Oman will end on the 31st of this month, and this is all that the undocumented have to do

Muscat : Oman Amnesty in (Amnesty) Duration March 31 Will end on. The government’s exemption for those living illegally in Oman in the employment sector ends this month. Earlier, the amnesty was announced till December 31. But COVID Following this, the government of Oman extended the deadline to March 31.

In Oman For those who have expired work visa, residence card etc. and do not have other sufficient documents, amnesty can be used to return home without penalty. Those who do not have sufficient documents, especially those who do not have a passport, should approach the embassies of the respective countries.

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Until the 31st of this month, you can use the amnesty to leave Oman without penalty. Registration can be done through the website of the Ministry of Human Resources of Oman and the Sanad Centers. In addition, the amnesty register facility has been set up through social workers in Oman.

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After registration, you will get a clearance certificate for seven days after all the inspections. Holders of passports can buy tickets and leave the country. For those who do not have a passport of the respective countries Embassy Out pass will be issued.

All registered users must leave the country no later than June 30. Otherwise, the heavy Omani government will take legal action. Heavy fines etc. will have to be paid.

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Currently, 65,173 people have registered for amnesty. Of these, 46,355 benefited from the amnesty and left Oman. The government of Oman has suggested that expatriates who have yet to register for amnesty should take advantage of it.

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