Thapsi was begging for the roles I lost; Kangana with mockery

Kangana Ranaut jokes again against T Thapsi Pannu. Kangana Ranaut was angered by a comment made by Tapsi about herself in an interview to a national media. Thapsi said he was unaware of Kangana’s absence on Twitter (Kangana’s Twitter account was suspended) and that they were irrelevant in his life. Then Kangana came on the scene with a reply.

‘I used to beg the producers of Tapsi for roles that I had turned down. Today I say irrelevant. People and their weird nature .. Try to promote your film without my name ‘- Kangana said.

In another post, Thapsi was ridiculed for calling her a B-grade actress. Kangana Ranaut added that there is nothing wrong with selling a film under her own name.

‘I have no objection to B-grade actresses viralizing interviews or selling films using my name or style. They will do many things to grow in the industry. I am an inspiration to all of them. I was inspired by people like Sridevi and Waheeda Rahman. But I did not portray them as bad in my growth, ”says Kangana.

In response to this, Thapsi said that he would not respond to Kangana. Thapsi said he intends to spend his precious time on good causes.

Content Highlights: Kangana Ranaut slams Taapsee Pannu, says Taapsee begged producers for her left over roles, irrelevant statement