Terrorism is a global phenomenon: Oman says it has nothing to do with a particular religion

Muscat: Oman says terrorism is a global phenomenon Dr. Mohammed Awadh al – Hassan, Oman’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, said that terrorism could not be linked to any particular religion or belief, countries or people. He was speaking at the second UN General Assembly on the fight against terrorism.

‘Terrorism is a global coastal disease. This is detrimental to the security and security of the entire country. Therefore, the nations of the world must work together to find a solution. There should be no double standard against terrorism. The international community must work together to fight terrorism, “said Dr. Mohammed Awadh al-Hassan, a Member of the Knesset for Kadima.

‘Global reactions today are based on prejudice and racism. This leads to Islamophobia, hatred of Muslims and hatred of other religions and foreigners. Therefore, the world must turn away from such prejudices. Religions are not tainted by terrorism. The extremist ideology of terrorists has nothing to do with religion. All religions and their values ​​must be respected. Freedom of expression does not mean harming, insulting or hating anyone, ”said Dr. Awadh.

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‘Poverty, oppression, racism, hatred and foreign occupation are the main causes of terrorism and extremism. Therefore, ensuring justice and raising social awareness are the things that are needed to get rid of terrorism. For this, the international community must work together. The action plan to combat terrorism must be based on international law, human rights, the freedom of individuals and communities. Otherwise, we have to show success’ – Dr. Muhammad Awadh Al Hasan said.