Technical glitch: Boeing orders withdrawal of 737 MAX aircraft | Boeing 737 MAX aircrafts | Grounded

New York: Leading airlines have temporarily withdrawn 737 Maxx aircraft from service following a warning from construction company Boeing that the Maxx aircraft could have problems with electrical contracts. Sixteen companies withdrew their Max flights. Boeing has called for immediate withdrawal of aircraft from service due to possible accidents.

Boeing did not specify which airlines were involved in the crash or how many aircraft were damaged. A spokesman for the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said the company was notified Thursday night of the crash. The FAA added that it was in contact with Boeing and the airlines, and that passengers should contact the airlines to find out information about cancellations and delays.

Southwest Airlines has announced that it has withdrawn a range of Max flights from its service. Southwest Airlines placed a large order for Maxx flights last month. Southwest Airlines said in a statement that it was withdrawing 30 of the company’s 58 Maxx aircraft due to Boeing’s notices, although it does not currently have problems with its Maxx aircraft. United Airlines has announced that it has withdrawn 16 of its 167777 Max flights, while American Airlines has suspended 17 flights.

The proposal to temporarily withdraw the aircraft has caused the company’s share price to plummet. The FAA has ordered the withdrawal of Boeing aircraft from service following two accidents in 2018 and 2019 that claimed 346 lives. Until then, Boeing’s best-selling aircraft were the 737 Maxx aircraft. In November 2020, the FAA lifted the ban on Maxx flights. Boeing was also hit hard by the airlines’ subsequent abandonment of orders following the suspension of global flights by Kovid.

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