Tata goes solo, no Tesla connection, says Chandra

NEW DELHI: To end any speculation around a partnership with Tesla, Tata Sons chairman N Chandrasekaran said on Wednesday that there was “no dialogue” with the automobile company owned by Elon Musk for a partnership in India, while adding: “We will do it alone.”

“There is no dialogue with Tesla. With us there is nothing,” Chandrasekaran said of the aggressive plans of Tata Motors and its UK subsidiary Jaguar and Land Rover in the field of electric vehicles. The head of Tata Sons said the products under Tata Motors and JLR are working well and there is no need for an outside partner at the moment.

There had been a lot of speculation in the media about an impending partnership between the Tata Group and Tesla as the latter now enters the Indian market. The guesswork had also contributed to the soaring Tata Motors share price. But it had also grown due to the strong performance of the company’s automotive business in India.

More fuel was added to speculation when the official “ Tata Motors Electric Mobility ” Twitter handle sent a cheeky tweet on January 15, positively commenting on the Tesla partnership rumors through the lyrics of an old movie song. in Hindi (the tweet was deleted quickly).

“Aajkal tere simple pyaar ke charche har akhbaar mein, Sab ko malum hai aur sab ko khabar ho gayi!” (Translated as: The media is abuzz with our budding romance, it’s now in the public) #WelcomeTesla #TeslaIndia @Tesla @ElonMusk … This was the tweet that was sent by the Twitter handle @TatamotorsEV, and was deleted soon.

Prior to Chandrasekaran’s comment to TOI, there was no reaction from Tesla or Tata Group on a partnership. Tesla registered an office in India, and it was done in Bangalore (the company is called “Tesla Motors India & Energy Pvt Ltd”). The company is currently expected to lay the groundwork.

The Tata group is developing in the electric vehicle sector. Chandrasekaran said all of JLR’s electrical products will also be in India.