Tanzanian President Magufuli dies – NEWS 360 – WORLD


Dodoma: Tanzanian President John Magufuli has died at the age of 61. The death was announced by Vice President Samia Zuluhu Hassan. The country has declared 14 days of official mourning. He had been in poor health for a long time and was said to have heart disease. Magufuli had been out of the public eye for three weeks due to health issues. He was the first Tanzanian president to die in power. Magufuli won a second term as president in the October general election. Meanwhile, Samia Zuluhu Hassan will be the next president. Samia, 61, is the first woman to hold the presidency in an East African country. According to the Tanzanian constitution, the vice president becomes governor when the president dies.

Mystery in death?

The government has not released any information about Magufuli since February 27. Later came the news of his death. This has been discussed all over the world. He was also rumored to be suffering from Kovid. At the same time, the government responded that the allegation that Magufuli Kovid was a victim was baseless.

Magufuli died of a heart attack. He had been in treatment for ten years. The allegations are being made by some Tanzanian nationals living abroad who are anti-Magufuli –

Samia, President-elect of Tanzania