Tamil Nadu: After the internal revolt, a big task awaits the EPS against its allies | Chennai News

CHENNAI: Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami may have skillfully managed the internal revolt of his deputy and AIADMK coordinator O Panmeerselvam and be nominated CM candidate. With his party’s tenure, Palaniswami launched a full-fledged program campaign in the western districts and the Cauvery delta region. But EPS has a more difficult task to maneuver the difficult posture of potential allies, especially the BJP and the PMK, who continue to differ from accepting him as CM candidate of the alliance. It must tackle power-sharing aspirations and the demand for more seats from allies, including the DMDK, to define the house in order to take on the formidable DMK alliance.
BJP leaders have argued that the NDA will decide and nominate the top cabinet candidate, although the party Tamil Nadu CT Ravi had conceded that the chief minister would belong to the largest party in the alliance, namely the AIADMK. The Saffron Party, doing its best to innovate in Tamil Nadu and send elected officials to the state assembly, has maintained its stance on power sharing. This, despite the actor RajinikanthThe decision not to start his own party and to engage in electoral politics limiting his navigability on the alliance front.
PMK also played the ball hard. “We have neither elected MP nor MP. If we can’t even have 25 MPs, what’s the point of having a party for over 30 years? PMK founder S Ramadoss lamented Thursday during the party’s general council.
“It is a calculated decision by the BJP not to recognize EPS as a CM candidate and to maintain it as an alliance led by the NDA, with strong hopes of sharing power if the alliance emerges victorious. Unlike a Jayalalithaa or a Karunanidhi, who were automatically CM candidates from their respective alliances, parties like the PMK may not like the AIADMK’s unilateral decision and therefore take a firm stand, ”said Mr. Kasinathan, political analyst. .
But AW Rabi Bernard, AIADMK media coordinator and former MP for Rajya Sabha, calls AIADMK’s decision to nominate its CM candidate and launch the campaign an exercise in “marketing” and “branding”. “It is the AIADMK, with its established voice bank, that will lead the alliance with all other parts of the alliance coming from afar with their respective share of voice. Although the alliance partners have their own formalities to officially announce it, our chief minister is well equipped to handle such negotiations, ”he said.