Suspend All Online and Semi-Online Learning Activities During Summer Vacation – Delhi Govt to Private Schools

Suspend all online teaching in all Delhi schools: government

Suspend All Online Education In All Delhi Schools: Government | Photo credit: iStock Images

Delhi schools have been instructed to suspend all learning activities – including e-learning and semi-e-learning activities during the announced summer holidays. The Directorate of Education, DoE has asked private schools to suspend all online and semi-online teaching activities from April 20 to June 9.

the Delhi government on Monday announced summer vacation for Delhi schools from April 20 to June 9. The government noted, however, that many private schools continued their online classes during the mandate.

“It has been brought to the attention of this leadership that despite the summer vacation which has been brought forward due to the surge in COVID 10 cases, the regular e-learning method continues to be adopted in a way or another by some private schools, “Department of Education (DoE) said in an official order.

Aware of the same, the DoE has ordered all private schools that all “online and semi-online teaching and learning activities will remain suspended during the aforementioned summer vacation period, in accordance with public schools. “.

Among the permitted activities, however, schools can continue with vacation-related activities and remedial classes. “However, schools can organize specific activities related to holidays, remedial lessons for a specific group of students and other activities for creativity, happiness and general social and emotional well-being in order to enrich the overall growth of students without physically calling them to school, “the remark says.

In view of the worsening situation, the Delhi government had prepared the summer vacation scheduled for Monday from May 11 to June 3 and from April 20 to June 9. Schools have been closed and there are no physical classes – including for students in grades 10 and 12. are now allowed. The 2021 CBSE board exams have also been postponed for class 12 students and new dates are not expected until June.