supriya menon prithviraj shares daughter alamkritha’s sunday reading picture, latest photo become viral | My mole is busy reading today, Supriya with her new picture of the decoration

Supriya often shares all the highlights of the decorations she shares. Supriya had previously shared Allie’s notes and pencil drawings. Alli is a star girl with a great interest in reading as well. Earlier, he had told Supriya and Prithviraj that he wanted to read the life story of an athlete and meet them in person.

Alli then revealed her admiration for Syrian swimmer Yusra Mardini. Supriya informed Yusra directly about this via Instagram and got a reply. Meanwhile, Supriya Menon’s latest Instagram post about makeup has gone viral on social media. This time, Alli is busy reading the book on Sunday.

Taraputri is also happy with the arrival of summer. My daughter is busy reading a book and posted a new picture of Supriya Alli on Instagram about what your daughter is picking up. Below Alli’s seat, you can see their pet Soro.

Meanwhile, many people have come up with comments below the new picture of the decoration. Prithviraj and Supriya often share pictures that do not show Alli’s face. Both of them post pictures of themselves on social media only on their daughter’s birthday.

Meanwhile, Supriya had joined Prithviraj in the production. Both the films are produced under the banner of Prithviraj Productions. Nayan and Driving License are the films released under their banner. Prithviraj and Supriya are also producing new films. Apart from Malayalam, Prithviraj has acted in Tamil and Hindi. Lucifer, Prithviraj’s first directorial venture, was released in 2019. Following the blockbuster success of the film, the actor also announced the second part of the film, Empuran.