‘Sunny Leone will be smuggled out’; Meera Nandan replied

Meera Nandan is a popular actress who has to face a lot of criticism on social media for sharing glamor pictures. Critics also did not like the latest pictures posted. The image of him wearing a red jacket and black shorts did not go unnoticed.

Some made obscene remarks, while others made ambiguous comments. One comment was that Sunny Leone would be smuggled out. The actress’ response to this went viral. ‘Who … are they in your house?’ The star replied. But the young man did not leave. Comment again. Discernment is round zero. Culture is what people at home say. The question of the party was how he became an RJ.

Meera also replied to this. Your judgment on how to comment on a public platform is round zero. Meera’s retort was that I doubt who you are going to beat in terms of irrationality. The number of people who support Meera so far. With this, the comment was deleted and the critic got fat.