Sun to vaccinate camp | Suriya to hold COVID 19 vaccination camp in Chennai agaram foundation

Chennai: Actor Surya to set up a wax camp in Tamil Nadu. The camp will be held on July 6 and 7 in Chennai. Chennai Corporation is also participating in the initiative. The vaccine will also be available to employees of Surya’s manufacturing company, 2D Entertainment.

Surya has been active in Kovid awareness since its inception. The Agaram Foundation, an actor-owned charity, has spearheaded a number of relief efforts in Tamil Nadu. The Agaram Foundation has also stepped in to help filmmakers in financial crisis after losing their jobs at Lockdown. Surya’s brother Karthi, father Sivakumar and wife Jyothika are the other members of Agaram.

On June 23, Surya and Jyoti received their first dose of the vaccine and shared the images on social media. The images were released to dispel misconceptions about vaccination among the public.

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