Suicide attempt in front of Rajinikanth’s house; The fan set himself on fire

Chennai: One of Rajinikanth’s fans tried to commit suicide by setting himself on fire after protesting against his decision not to enter politics. A fan set himself on fire in front of Rajinikanth’s house and tried to commit suicide.

Murukesan, a native of Chennai, had demanded that Rajinikanth withdraw his decision not to enter politics. He was rushed to hospital with severe burns.

Protests that started after Rajinikanth’s announcement that he will not enter politics have continued for the third day in various parts of Tamil Nadu. Fans are still protesting in front of Rajinikanth’s residence. Protest rallies were held again across Tamil Nadu.

Fans have come out in strong protest following Rajinikanth’s decision to drop out of politics due to health issues. Rajinikanth fans take to the streets in Chennai and other parts of Tamil Nadu in protest. In some places, fans even reported incidents of Rajinikanth burning his coffin.

Rajinikanth’s decision to enter politics was abandoned due to health issues. He had earlier said that an official announcement including the name and symbol of his party would be made soon. However, he was admitted to a private hospital in Hyderabad due to high blood pressure.

Rajini underwent a kidney transplant two years ago. Hence the great opposition from his own family to his political entry. Explaining his decision to leave politics, Rajini said that the unexpected hospital stay was seen as a sign from God.

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Last Updated 31, Dec 2020, 11:03 PM