Sudeep can show Aravind, Nidhi a red flag: here’s why

All Bigg Boss Kannada viewers are eagerly awaiting tonight’s episode to catch a glimpse of show host Kichcha Sudeep, who is one of Sandalwood’s top rated and most sought after actors. Currently, the shooting of the weekend episodes is underway in the sets of Bigg Boss. Kichcha appears on the Saturday and Sunday show at Vaarada Kathe Kichchana Jothe and Super Sunday with Sudeep.

The showrunners are expected to release the promo for the episode soon, which will air tonight. On the other side, BBK viewers are waiting to see who Sudeep goes to support Aravind KP or Nidhi after their ugly fight and war of words for a task. Aravind KP is the audience’s favorite person, while Nidhi is the series creators’ favorite contender, it would be difficult for Sudeep to stay good in their books as his reputation matters to him as well.

We don’t know what kind of script the show’s creators wrote for Sudeep this week. Are they planning to point out Aravind and Nidhi’s mistake or will Sudeep neglect like he did when Chandrachud openly abused Manju and Divya?

Rumors are circulating that Sudeep might not eliminate Aravind or Nidhi, but possibly punish them or send them to jail for using profanity on the show, which is inappropriate for a family audience. Bigg Boss is known to be a family show and aims to attract people of all ages. Will Sudeep show the red flag to both for flouting the house rules?

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Or will Colors Kannada give them another chance to prove themselves? We’ll know the answers in tonight’s episode. Stay tuned to Sakshipost for any updates.