suchithra pillai opens up | People still remember me as Saif Ali Khan’s girlfriend; Suchitra Pillai says

suchithra pillai opens up

Actress Suchitra Pillai says that people still remember her as Saif Ali Khan’s girlfriend. Suchitra Pillai played Saif Ali Khan’s girlfriend in the 2001 film Dil Chahote Hai. The star’s revelation was part of the film’s 20th anniversary celebrations.

“It was a very small role, but I’m glad to know that people still remember it today. On the 20th anniversary of the release of Dil Chahote Hai, the film was a great experience. It was a great film. Everyone still remembers Priya for over 20 years. All girls really want to be such a girlfriend. But boys never want a girlfriend like that. Do the work you do sincerely. It can sometimes be a roll that is only 5 minutes long. But it is an example of how it can win the hearts of the audience, ”says Suchitra.

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