Strange yellow prawn; One in 30 lakhs

There will be no one who does not see the shrimp. But this is the first time I have seen a yellow prawn. The prawns are native to the Gulf of Massachusetts in the United States. The prawn was caught by a fisherman named Marley Bob.

See only one such prawn in 30 lakhs. Researchers estimate that only one in 3 million lobster prawns will be found in bright yellow. A shrimp similar in color and length to a banana has now been found. This physical difference is also found in terrestrial animals

Marley Bob was not ready to sell the rare prawns. The prawns were donated to the Marine Science Center at the University of New England.

Researchers at the Marine Science Center named the shrimp Banana after its shape. Rare prawns are found not only in yellow but also in blue and pearl colors.