sreenivasan reveals an unforgettable experiance with megastar mammootty | Mammootty exploded at them, the reply given by the fan that day, Srinivasan openly

Along with movies, Spotesh shows were also a source of income for the Malayalee actors of that time. The superstars have gone abroad for various events that day. Mammootty and Srinivasan went together to present a show in Qatar. According to Srinivasan, the incident took place at a hotel where all the stars were staying at the time.

Srinivasan says that our team, including Mammootty and other actors, stayed at a hotel in Qatar. ‘The hotel staff said they could not bring food to the room and had to go to the restaurant to eat. So we all went to the restaurant together. When I arrived at the restaurant, I saw that all the people were crowded inside.

‘As we all sat down to eat in the middle of the crowd, people approached and asked to be photographed. So when he could not eat due to the crowd of fans, Mammootty exploded at them. Mammootty was angry when he was asked not to be allowed to eat ‘, Srinivasan recalled.

‘It’s not too hot, Mister, we’m got tickets,’ a fan immediately replied. ‘That’s when we realized. That was the deception of the organizers of the showage show. The program was organized by the organizers after buying tickets from the people for an event where they could dine with the film stars, ‘said Srinivasan.

Meanwhile, Mammootty and Sreenivasan last acted together in the movie Pathemari. Sreenivasan will be seen in a pivotal role alongside Mammootty in the film. Sreenivasan’s latest film is Mohankumar Fans. The actor came in a small role in the film. Last year, Srinivasan starred in his son Dhyan Srinivasan’s debut film Love Action Drama.