Special schemes to attract Chinese tourists: Minister P.A. Muhammed Riyaz: Deepika.com Nattu Visesham

Special schemes to attract Chinese tourists: Minister P.A. Muhammed Riyaz

Saturday, July 3, 2021 12:47 AM IST

Kalpata: Tourist centers in the district to attract Chinese tourists The Minister said that a special study has been conducted for him as far as possible. P. A. Muhammed Riyaz said. All the Buddhist-Jain traditions in this world increase this possibility. Wayanad has a huge place in the world tourism map itself. These possibilities need to be fully exploited. The aim is to develop environmentally friendly projects. And FIG. New marketing possibilities should also emerge in the field of tourism. Procedures for Expansion of Existing Tourist Centers Ts will also be accepted. Find the most visited tourist attractions in the district so far. And will be elevated to the level of gaining world attention.
There was at least one tourist center in all the designated establishments. 26 Local Bodies in the District as part of Government Policy We have also come forward with project proposals. The project details of the three panchayats are yet to be ascertained. Efforts are being made to improve rural tourism programs. Is. This will strengthen the rural economy and create employment opportunities. It can also be increased. Wayanad is the district with the highest potential for responsible tourism. . Efforts have been made to make the work in this area more productive. He said.

Covid awakens in the tourism sector after the second season Expectation. In this case, complete vaccination is required in the tourism sector. Fire decision for the father. This is the first two panchayats to be selected at the state level. Government’s focus on tourism development in Lancashire As shown. Vaccination of Vaithiri and Meppati Panchayats with full vaccination The minister said action was being taken on the issue.
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