Spain face Switzerland in Euro Cup quarter-finals LIVE BLOG

St. Petersburg: The start of the quarter-finals of the Euro Cup. In the first quarter match, strong Spain will face coup heroes Switzerland. The Spain-Switzerland match will be a clash of two different styles. The Swiss team are the spokespersons of counterattack football, while Spain believe in the passing-possession game.

Spain will continue in a 4-3-3 style. Alvaro Morattaferon Torrespablo Sarabia trio will continue to advance. All three scored against Croatia in the pre-quarter. While Sergey Busquets is the holding midfielder in the midfield, Coke and Pedri will be in charge of organizing the attack. The Emerick Laportaeric Garcia alliance will be in central defense. Ten goals in the last two games have boosted Spain’s confidence. The team is coached by Louis N. Rickey.

The absence of captain Granit Shakka, who led the team to victory in the pre-quarter, will be a major setback for the Swiss team. Shaka will not play against Spain due to suspension. The Swiss team plays in a 3-4-2-1 style. The progress made by Harris Seferovic and the Brill embola is strong. Sherdan Shakiri will play between midfield and defense. Steven Zuber, Romo Froiler, Dennis Zacharia and Sylvan Wildmir will be in the midfield. The defense played by Ricardo Rodriguez Manuel Acancinico Elvedi is strong.

You can read the live description of the match below …

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