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St. Petersburg: Former champion Maria Spoin enters the semi-finals of the Euro Cup Penalty for Switzerland in the first quarter Spain’s semi-finalists have been knocked out in the shootout It’s the first team, both at regular intervals and in extra time The competition is so fierce that the team is tied at 1-1 Extends to Touti: Spoiny wins 3-1 in shootout. Rodrigo also misses out on Spain’s first-ever Busquets. Swiss goalkeeper Sommer also saves a U.S. kick Olmo, Morena and Oyar Swabal are accurate targets Seeing that, he was giving them victory.

Switzerland’s Scarin and Akunchi Yu shot short in Spanish Vargas’ shot cross-legged while Li Uneisimon saved “It simply came to our notice then കാണാ നായത്.
Swiss star Zakaria’s self-goal in the first half at the appointed time. Taken by Spain Lee Dee, but by Shardan Shakeeri The Swiss were level on goals scored by PT 77 – Removed red card in min Switzerland finished the race with 40 men Th.
In the eighth minute of the game I was scored by Spain Goalie from Narkiki Core to P. V. Coke Narcissus Jordi Albay b u te lom gray Swiss star Zachariah U. He knocked on the door and shook his head.
Switzerland changed gears in the second half ND was spotted on the field by Shakiri Yu and Steven Zuba The Swiss lead the Spanish team in front of the goal After the initial mishap, Spoi and A.S. The steps were taken, but in the sixth minute Shakir Switzerland from Subaru’s Copper Pass Nindi was awarded the equalizer and then Spain for the goal Swiss defense and goalie slammed for trying too hard The goal was scored by Spain in extra time. Attempts failed by Swiss goalie Sommer.
Having seen two yellow cards in previous matches Play for Granite Shake The loss was a setback for the Swiss team.