Sophisticated new malware acts as a system update for Android devices which can take complete control of the victim’s device / Digital Information World

Android user data is now at risk due to sophisticated new malware that acts as a system update that can steal complete user data, according to security researchers at Zimperium. Android has the largest share of the market in terms of mobile operating system, but Android’s main strength is its open source nature which creates more malware risk in the device, as new sophisticated malware. is doing its rounds on the internet and it looks like a system update which makes it very difficult for android users to find this malware and you can’t even find it on play store, most likely users will install it as as a new update, but will therefore lose all their data.

Researchers from mobile security company Zimperium claim that users became the victim of this malicious update when they installed a new app from unknown sources on their device, the malware was communicating with the Firebase server of the operator, who controlled the Android device. This malware is capable of stealing personal messages, contact details, other device details, browser bookmarks, your history you searched for, and it can even record your calls, it can make ambient sound your microphone and take photos from device camera, this malware can also search victim’s current location and his document files and it is able to recover data copied to clipboard.

Zimperium CEO Shridhar Mittal said that by looking at the activities of this malware, it appears that this malware took a lot of time and effort to do this type of malicious activity which is harder to find. There is only one way to protect yourself against this malicious malware is to never load any app on your Android device that lacks security. You have to keep in mind one thing that never install any app from third party or unknown source because this malware will find its way to get into your device and steal all your data. If you want to download an app, just download it from Google Play Store.

According to security researchers, there are a number of malicious apps like this and they are doing their best to find them as quickly as possible. Tricking someone to install the malicious app is simple and most of the people are attracted to such apps and eventually ready to install such apps from unknown source. Therefore, researchers are warning Android users not to install any app from an unknown source.

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