Sona Mohapatra Lashes out at Trolls Attacking Mandira Bedi for Performing Her Husband’s Last Sacraments, Says “Stupidity Is Abundant” | Hindi Movie News – Bollywood

Read Full Story: Sona Mohapatra backs Mandira Bedi after being trolled for performing husband Raj Kaushal’s last rites

Actress Mandira Bedi’s filmmaker husband Raj Kaushal recently passed away. Raj died of cardiac arrest on June 30. While bidding her emotional goodbye to her husband, Mandira did not care about societal norms and said goodbye to her soul mate in her own way. Post who, video, and photos of Mandira performing the latest husband-patrolling rites on the internet. Many social media users applauded the actress, while some took her the other way around and started trolling Mandira. Some questioned her about what to wear for her husband’s funeral, while others questioned her for performing Raj’s last rites. Now singer Sona Mohapatra, known for voicing her thoughts, has taken to her social media account and slammed trolls for speaking badly about the actress. Sona said she was not surprised to see people trolling Mandira callously and posted a strong message saying, “Some people still comment on Mandira Bedi’s dress code or the choice to perform the last rites of her husband Raj Kushal shouldn’t surprise us, after all, stupidity is more abundant than any other element in our world.

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