‘Solskjaer pushes his luck and Man Utd needs Trippier’ – Parker also puts Aarons in the transfer mix

Former Red Devils full-back believes additions are needed in defense for a successful team to find consistency

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is trying his luck at Manchester United, although he guided them to second place, and needs to bring in a right-back like Kieran Trippier or Max Aarons, says Paul Parker.

The Red Devils have made a useful habit of beating results this season and are now the closest challengers to defending champions Liverpool in the Premier League title race.

A team that has spent eight years since their last lifting of the high-flying English crown dares to dream that a fruitless race on that front could be closed in 2021.

Parker admits United are part of the mix, but he believes fortune has sometimes favored them and the vulnerability has been exposed in the face of rivals of similar stature and ambition.

The former Red Devils defender said Eurosport: “There are seven or eight teams involved in the title race.

“It’s great because there hasn’t been anything like it since the start of the Premier League, when it was really up for grabs. It’s like the old football leagues.

“The inconsistency and difficulties of the campaign allowed us to identify mentally strong teams, and she exposed those who are mentally weak.

“However, that doesn’t mean United are necessarily psychologically resilient. They are not doing their job well, despite their feedback.

“When you are away from home, when it is crowded, you have to make sure that the local supporters are not transported. You don’t want the opposition to get the first free kick or corner, let alone the first goal. It should be the same task even without fans.

“Ole Gunnar Solskjaer should know his time is running out in these situations. When they went behind against Leipzig it was against a better team that could control the situation. And when they got past Leicester City, one of the best teams in the league, they lost their lead – twice.

Parker believes the leaks at the back should be United the biggest concern, with the January transfer window set to give Solskjaer the chance to find an upgrade on Aaron Wan-Bissaka at right-back.

The former England international added: “If they want to maintain their challenge for the title, the squad they have is not good enough.

“I’m a fan of Kieran Trippier at Atletico Madrid, because he became a better defender there. If you can’t defend yourself well, Diego Simeone won’t defend you. He has become more disciplined playing for Simeone and is exactly the type of player United need for their current weaknesses.

“He’s a real stature player on the right side, who can offer a lot of attack. This is not really an offer from Aaron Wan-Bissaka. However, I wonder if Trippier really wants to leave Spain. I don’t see why he would want to swap Madrid for Manchester, unless his family doesn’t like him.

“Even though he’s 30 he could still get another big hit as people are willing to bet on his experience, but I wouldn’t go back to a side like Atletico – he might regret having to start over At this age.

“Max Aarons is also a decent option. For Norwich, he bombed a lot from top to bottom in the Premier League, and while they conceded a lot of goals it certainly wasn’t all his.

“I don’t know if at his age [20] he’s the one to sign, but I liked what I saw of him, even more so in the first half of last season. He wanted to attack, cover the ground and was tenacious.

United, who kept a clean sheet of knocking Wolves 1-0 out in their last outing, will play their first game of the new year by hosting Aston Villa on Friday.