Sofia Moncayo | New York woman who lost her job during pandemic keeps pantry to feed others

Sofia Moncayo from New York.

Sofia Moncayo from New York. | Photo credit: AP

New York City: COVID-19 was not only a deadly virus, but also brought nothing but bad news. It had a negative impact on the world, especially economically. Dozens of people all over the world were laid off from their jobs, some of whom were on the verge of becoming homeless and unable to make ends meet.

One of those people is a New York woman named Sofia Moncayo. Of Colombian origin, she worked in a construction company before losing her livelihood. From now on, she owes five months rent to the martial arts studio that she and her husband own.

Despite all the hardships she faces, that hasn’t deterred her from being there for those in need. She started fundraising and gathered many volunteers who then distributed food to families in the city. Twice a week, around 1000 boxes are distributed.

Speaking to The Associated Press, she said: “I think helping others has to do something chemically to your brain because if we hadn’t been doing everything we are doing, I think it would have been a good thing. scarier time. Being able to dig in and help others really gives you a step back and helps you believe you’ll be fine too. ”

Moncayo herself comes from a humble background. With her family, she stood in line in these pantries in order to have food to eat. In her own way, she wants to give it back to the institution that helped her live and become who she is.

Many of the volunteers who have joined them are those who lost their jobs during the pandemic. That way, they feel like they are giving back to the community, especially during these tough times.