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Thiruvananthapuram: The CPM is still debating who should be considered for the post of chairperson of the women’s commission instead of MC Josephine. Former ministers P.K. Mrs., K.K. Shailaja, former MP CS Sujatha, Suja Susan George, p. The names of Satidevi and TN Seema are actively heard.

But in the wake of the controversy, there is a growing need to find outsiders to maintain the impartiality and credibility of the commission. There is a growing demand from various quarters for Shailaja to be considered for the post of commission chairperson as he has been left out of the ministry. But currently the MLA. As such, Shailaja may not be considered for the post of Commission Chairperson.

Josephine resigned just eight months before leaving. But other commission members may continue for the rest of the term. Therefore, there are those who want Shahida Kamal, a member of the commission, to be considered for the post until the end of the term of the current commission.

After that, the party thinks it would be appropriate to bring in prominent leaders with party affiliations but not active politicians.

When the Women’s Commission was formed in 1996, it was chaired by poetess Sugathakumari. In this model, the party has to find someone who is acceptable to the public.

In addition, the government may decide to give more powers to the Women’s Commission. Under the present circumstances, the Commission can only seek a report from the police on complaints received and send study reports to the Government. It has no authority to take action beyond that. This condition may change.

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