Sidhu meets Priyanka after Rahul says she will not be seen

New Delhi: Punjab Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu today met Priyanka Gandhi. Sidhu had said that he would meet Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi to resolve the issue with Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh, but Rahul denied the allegations.

Meanwhile, Sidhu met Priyanka Gandhi. “I had a long meeting with Priyanka Ji,” Sidhu tweeted, along with a photo of the two standing. It is reported that Priyanka and Sidhu met for about four hours.

Sources close to Sidhu had said yesterday that they would meet Rahul and Priyanka today. Rahul then said that he had not scheduled a meeting with anyone.

Meanwhile, details of Sidhu’s meeting with Priyanka Gandhi have not been released. The Congress leadership is trying to resolve the dispute between the state leaders ahead of next year’s Punjab Assembly elections. Sidhu is one of the leading party leaders in the uprising against Chief Minister Amarinder Singh.

Rahul Gandhi had met Amarinder Singh and others in recent days. The Congress has also appointed a three-member committee to resolve the dispute and gather the views of the leaders. Sidhu, who was a member of Amarinder Singh’s cabinet, resigned in 2019 after falling out with him.