Should Real Madrid end Reinier’s loan to Dortmund this summer?

Erling Haaland is the Borussia Dortmund player in the minds of most Real Madrid fans after his second brace against Sevilla in the Champions League and a brace earlier this weekend at Bayern Munich. But the Whites should be thinking of another of his current teammates as well. No, I’m not talking about superstar Jadon Sancho. I’m talking about potential future superstar Reinier Jesus.

The start of Reinier’s life in Dortmund was indefinable, to say the least. The Brazilian prospect hasn’t even logged 150 minutes in all competitions for the Black and Yellows, as he has been absent from the squad much more often than he has been on the pitch.

Recently, Reinier gave the Whites a better hope in this two-year loan spell by scoring in a 10-minute appearance off the bench against the humble Arminia Bielefeld to help seal a 3-0 victory for Schwarzgelben in difficulty.

But overall, Reinier has been an afterthought in Dortmund. Real Madrid have shown concern about his development due to the lack of playing time, and many fans have either given up on the attacking midfielder or are adamant that he will be moved elsewhere at the end of the season. .

Sending Reinier elsewhere does not guarantee improvement for Real Madrid lender

First, to give up a 19-year-old just because he struggled to get minutes on a team that has a lot of attacking talent is an unreasonable course of action. Reinier is an imperfect player, and his lack of minutes on a top-down team suggests he’s not quite there yet.

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But look at Takefusa Kubo. He was benched by Unai Emery for not following instructions, especially defensively. Real Madrid didn’t like it and moved it to Getafe. And he’s still in the same situation.

Changing Reinier’s loan does not guarantee improvement. If there is one club that has shown its willingness to bet on young talent, even loans, it is Dortmund. We have all seen how Achraf Hakimi became a legitimate Bundesliga star player during his time at the club.

He had an easier path to the starting lineup as a full-back, but struggled a lot in his debut season and didn’t play regularly at his preferred position on the right. It wasn’t until his second season that he blossomed.

Maybe the same could happen with Reinier. Look, Dortmund didn’t acquire it for no reason. They don’t waste their time or resources on young players who can’t play, and they certainly wouldn’t run the risk of ticking Real Madrid, which they need to have a good relationship for both young talent and talent. ‘they acquire and for the top. players they want to sell to the Royal Whites.

So there must be something at stake here. And I wonder if Dortmund are playing the long game with Reinier, setting him up for a bigger second season.

At the end of the 2020-2021 season, Dortmund will almost certainly have to sell Jadon Sancho and Erling Haaland, and this hypothetical becomes a guarantee if they really fail to qualify for the Champions League.

Yes, that means there will be room for Reinier. Real Madrid should be vigilant and keep their options open, perhaps even giving La Liga clubs that might be interested and carefully considering their proposals for Reinier (instead of sending him to the bigger club, which seemed like their strategy with Kubo last summer.)

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But Real shouldn’t be too quick to act, lest they miss Reinier to put everything in place in his second season with Dortmund and send him to a mediocre and less competent club that also doesn’t prioritize his playing time.