Shorni is a Malayalam film directed by? Vidya Balan makes video call to Prithviraj; Video


From the YouTube video

BoVidya Balan is a Bollywood star. Despite being a Malayalee, the actor is not active in Malayalam. Vidya acted in Malayalam in Urumi starring Prithviraj. Now Vidya Balan and Prithviraj have met again. The two spoke via video call for the promotion of new images on Amazon Prime.

Vidya Balan starrer Sherney and Prithviraj’s Cold Case have been released. The two did not forget to remember not only the new movies but also the good times in Urumi.

Vidyabalan calls Prithviraj saying that he wants to talk to a friend in Kerala. When Prithviraj asked in Hindi what was wrong with Vidyaji, Vidya replied in Malayalam that there was nothing wrong with her. To Vidya’s question as to what he was doing, Prithviraj replied that he was busy with movies. Vidya asked if there was any change from Urumi’s time. What beautiful days it was. I will always remember the song that was shot in the rain and moved by the movement. Makkam and Bhoomi did both these roles.- Prithviraj said.

When Vidya Balan asked what kind of film is Cold Case, he replied that it is a combination of mystery, investigation and horror. Vidya says that one should watch the film to find out which category it belongs to. To Prithviraj’s question about Sherney, Vidya said that it is a suitable film for Malayalam and that the film should be directed. Prithviraj said that he will decide about it after watching the movie. The two end the call by saying they will see each other in person.